Hope Market

Hope Market

We celebrate ONE YEAR of service!!!

We are so thankful for every hand, every donation, everyone that has played a part in aiding us to impact our community. A special thank you to Hope City Church for being the first to donate $10,000.

Tyrone Stevenson’s leadership and support has played a vital role in equipping us with the resources to do what needs to be done in the community. This is only the beginning, so be the change!

Through our non-profit, HEADZ, Hope Market provides access to free fresh produce in food desert areas. Started in Brooklyn, which is the highest food insecure borough in New York, we aid families with financial hardship to receive access to healthy food. We are in a fight against the damage of over-processed foods, meal gaps and preventable illness; and we accomplish this through donations and partnerships. Change starts with Hope.
A young woman checking out squash at the Hope Market

Ways to Give

You can give through our giving portal by choosing the option “Feed the hungry.” Because we are a 501(c)3 organization, all donations are 100% tax-deductible

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Hope Market

Ways to Partner

The food bank of New York states, poverty limits choices families can make, and is often linked to many diet-related diseases. Hope Market provides a healthy choice by partnering with companies, organizations and individuals like you who want to be apart of a healthy solution. For more information on ways you can partner, email Headz

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Hope Market Family Pick up Area

How To Receive

Every 4th Sunday of every month at our East New York and Spring Creek locations, Hope Market distributed fresh produce to the community. You can also receive recipes, food benefits and transformational testimonies, by following us on Instagram at @hopemarket_headz.

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