H.O.P.E. Groups

H.O.P.E. Groups

Helping Other People Excel

Our H.O.P.E. (Helping Other People Excel) Groups are small groups focused on spiritual, mental and emotional growth, and the opportunity to connect with others experiencing similar life situations.

Pastor Tyrone hugging a member

Forward-facing, outward Focused

Get out of the ordinary and expand your reach. H.O.P.E. groups are available online through Zoom, an innovative video conferencing app that can be downloaded on any and all of your devices, so you can connect from anywhere.

Groups operate in cycles:

  • A Cycle: January-March
  • B Cycle: May-July
  • C Cycle: September-November

Next Steps

Interested in joining a H.O.P.E. Group?

Find what group you want to join using the button below and text that group’s keyword to 718-571-8081 to get started.

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