Because of your faithful giving, we…

  • Provided $51,340.00 in scholarships to date to our church and local community members
  • Partnered with HEADZ and local health organizations to turn our church site into a weekly COVID-19 vaccination clinic, vaccinating over 1,000 people to date
  • Provided $55,752 in global missions within Ukraine and Togo

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HCC to 28950

By Mail

P.O. Box 131, Brooklyn, NY 11207

Frequently Asked Questions

Hope City Church thrives off of integrity, honesty, and great stewardship of what God has blessed us with. All unmarked funds (tithes and general offering) go towards our church operations and staff. Funds that are marked go to their designated ministry and program area. For example, funds given directly under our “feed the hungry” option goes towards our Hope Market community initiative. 

Yes! If you are giving through our online portal, you will find the specific programs or missions you can give towards. If you are giving through Zelle, CashApp or Mail, please indicate where you would like your funds to go. 

If you are registered through our giving portal, you are provided a yearly statement of your giving that was submitted through that portal. Under the “history” tab, you are able to select the giving year (i.e. 2022) and then export to PDF. The PDF provided can be used for tax purposes. 

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