Our Ministries

Hope City Church is composed of 20+ vibrant ministries and teams intentionally focused on developing the lives of those we audaciously serve to make a radical impact. And we’re excited about ways you can join us in serving here at Hope! Our ministries and teams fall under four different departments: Family Life, Generation Now, Assimilation & Growth, and Media & Production.

Outside of the ministry work we do at Hope City Church, we partner with our 501(c3) non-profit organization, Hope Empowerment and Development Zone (HEADZ) dedicated to serving under-served families and individuals.

Learn more about our departments and HEADZ below.

Family Life

At the core of Hope City Church are multi-generations committed to discipleship, God’s love, and restoring families. Our Family Life department consists of a range of ministries and teams dedicated to amplifying the Biblical structure of family in and around the communities we serve.

Media & Production

Overseeing audio and streaming, Praise & Worship and our Congregational Care Team (CCT), our Media & Production department is the driving force behind our in-person experience and virtual production.


Hope Empowerment and Development Zone is our 501(c)(3) non-profit organization centered on serving as a catalyst for under-served families and individuals.

Generation Now

Generation Now serves an integral role for our young disciples, ages 5 to 18 years old. Through Generation Now, our children, tweens and youth ministries create, teach and promote biblically-informed programming that develops, and nurtures, future church and community leaders. 

Assimilation & Growth

Critical to the acclimation and development of our members, the Assimilation and Growth department oversees our “Journey into Hope” team, along with our Systems and Security teams.

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