Hope City Church exists to develop disciples who develop disciples to change the world. We accomplish this by equipping our members to:

Turn to God

Grow in God

Partner with God

Since 2003, Hope City Church has been serving the East New York and Spring Creek areas of Brooklyn through Christian stewardship, transformative leadership and community impact.

Pastor Tyrone

Pastor Tyrone Stevenson

Tyrone Stevenson is the Senior Pastor of Hope City Church located in his hometown of Brooklyn, New York.

Pastor Tyrone is married to the love of his life, Terrie, and together they have two beautiful daughters, a priestly son and one dog, Mickey. He is a decorated United States Navy service member, sought-after speaker, consultant, and educator. Through his passion for people and equity, he has assisted in the growth of small, large, national and global organizations.

He holds a Master of Divinity from New York Theological Seminary and is currently an Adam Clayton Powell, Jr. Fellow and a candidate of the doctoral program focusing on Prophetic Preaching and Urban Church Leadership. An avid motorcyclist, Pastor Stevenson enjoys the open road as the perfect time to reconnect with nature and himself and to hear from God.

First Lady's headshot

First Lady Terrie Stevenson

Terrie Stevenson is the First Lady of Hope City Church, standing alongside her husband, Pastor Stevenson. She is a native of Haynesville, Georgia and relocated to New York with her husband to help lay the foundation for Hope City.

As a licensed Minister and founder of the women’s ministry, “Sister, You Are Not Alone” (S.Y.A.N.A), she actively works to impact and affirm the lives of women both in the church and in our community. First Lady connects SYANA to the Strip Church network to minister and reach young women in the sex industry, specifically, female strippers. SYANA-Strip Church became the first branch in the state of New York to show women in the strip clubs the love of God through random acts of kindness. Since inception, First Lady and the women of SYANA have reached about 70 women monthly across three local strip clubs.

First Lady Terrie holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Printing Management. She is married to the love of her life, Pastor Stevenson, and together they have two beautiful daughters, one priestly son and one dog, Mickey.

Pastor Tyrone Stevenson and the First Lady

Laying The Foundation

Pastor Tyrone Stevenson and First Lady Terrie Stevenson laid the foundation for Hope City Church in 2003. Pastor Stevenson leads Hope City as the Senior Pastor and First Lady stands by his side, as they share an immense love for God and a propensity for people, both collectively and individually.

Pastor Stevenson, a prophetic teacher, and leader works tirelessly to turn people towards God and cultivate leaders in the process. First Lady Stevenson, founder of our S.Y.A.N.A (Sister, You are Not Alone) Ministry, works to actively impact and affirm the lives of women. Together, they created our Couples ministry because of their value on marriage and how it stands as the foundation of family; and legacy. Pastor and First Lady are also parents to their two wonderful daughters and their one amazing son. Through 16 years of ministry and 26 years of marriage, their impact is felt both locally and globally.


Covering Pastor John K. Jenkins Sr.

Pastor John K. Jenkins Sr. has traveled across the world preaching and teaching the masses about the love of Jesus Christ. Leading First Baptist since 1989, Pastor Jenkins remains steadfast in his quest to “develop dynamic disciples.”

He is recognized as a catalyst to help individuals grow into lifelong Christian disciples who follow Jesus Christ. Pastor Jenkins believes that these individuals will impact the world on behalf of the Lord, thereby strengthening families and healing broken hearts along the way.The fruit of his biblically based teaching is evidenced in the growth of church membership.

Today, an average 11,000 people attend weekly Sunday services between two campuses located in Landover and Upper Marlboro, Md. Pastor John K. Jenkins, Sr. is the covering pastor of over 100 pastors and leaders across the nation and the world. As their covering, he guides them in ministry and leadership as they serve their ministries.

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